Best Before presents:

Best Before x Through My Speakers - 5th Anniversary

The Waiting Room, London, United Kingdom

Friday 7 April  10:00 PM   Room: Main Room
£6 Adv   Entry Requirements: 18+

Best Before 07 - 04 - 17 X Through My Speakers - 5th Anniversary

Sarah Farina
Walter Vinyl
Suki Quasimodo

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We've been keeping this one on the down low for a while, but we're finally super excited to announce Berlin based collective "Through My Speakers" will be coming to celebrate their 5th anniversary in London with us!

Here at Best Before, we've been huge fans of the Through My Speakers crew for a while, hammering tunes from their #NURNED compilations and releases over are previous nights. Its safe to say genres do not hold this crew back, warping, bending and bringing these sounds together is what they do. You can expect anything from Footwork, Grime and Dubstep to Jungle, Techno and all round experimental club sounds. The main thing is they're making, supporting and pushing, forward thinking club music. It’s a natural fit for us at Best Before and we're super excited to bring them down to The Waiting Room basement.

If you’ve never been to Best Before we’re all about good music for like-minded people.

We try our best to create an inclusive atmosphere where people can feel comfortable to relax and get into the music. See you there!!