Wesley Gonzalez – Thursday 4 May

Wesley Gonzalez


Wesley Gonzalez made a name for himself at an early age as the petulant frontman and creative force behind guitar-shredding pop-punk band Let’s Wrestle. The band, formed in 2005 when Gonzalez was only 15, was lauded for their no-fi DIY sound. In 2015, after ten years and three records together, culminating in a chaotic sold-out final show at The 100 Club, as reported by The Guardian, the group disbanded and Gonzalez set his sights on an entirely different approach to songwriting – “I wanted to completely indulge myself with the experimentation that I had previously kept to my bedroom demos.”

Without letting go of his fascination with ‘Beatlesesque’ melodies, Gonzalez taught himself piano by learning to play Stevie Wonder and Al Green songs, “which all have chord structures I’d not paid much attention to previously. There’s also a lot of emphasis on the bass notes and rhythm of the bass”. He began writing songs harking back to mid 70’s singer-songwriters such as Emmitt Rhodes, whilst maintaining those elements of soul and funk via Sly And The Family Stone and Donny Hathaway. A summer revisiting early electronic music (White Noise, Mort Garson) encouraged Gonzalez to invest in analogue Korg synthesizers, on which he wrote his new record Excellent Musician. Although he made a conscious retreat from punk music, Gonzalez maintains his work is “still defined as angry music; anger is still an energy” but contends that “whilst I’m proud of what I did with Let’s Wrestle, I hate bands that regurgitate the same sound over various LPs – I knew something had to change for me to want to try music again.”

His debut solo record Excellent Musician will be released on 30th June 2017 via Moshi Moshi Records.

Hypnotic Tango – Friday 21 April

Hypnotic Tango


Hypnotic Tango return to their old stomping ground with Aussie legend George Hysteric, founder of Mothball Record. George is a guru behind the decks and a truly formidable collector of disco, Italo, electro and beyond. His new Pepper DJ 12” (Edits Du Plaisir) is a true sizzler.

Gents – Wednesday 8 March



Danish band Gents is headed to London to enchant you with their baritone crooning over synth heavy 80’s influenced beats. They’ve managed to achieve a retro sound and look without being cheesy which is a talent in it’s own. They’ve just wrapped up their album Embrace The Future and are ready to take over with tracks such as Careful, Love is Tears and Young Again.

Sapphire Slows – Tuesday 28 February



Tokyo producer and DJ Sapphire Slows comes to London to share her atmospheric music. Her dreamlike vocals float over synth-drenched tracks. Inspired by lucid dreams and an aptitude for crate digging, Sapphire Slows has made a mark in the Japanese music scene.

It’s no question why Red Bull Music Academy selected Slows to play at their 10th anniversary broadcast in Tokyo. If you’re prepared to be transported to another dimension in a slo-mo haze, you won’t want to miss this night at The Waiting Room.

Bayonne – Wednesday 15 February


Originally making music as Roger Sellers, the silky electronic pop producer became Bayonne at the end of 2015, releasing single Spectrolite, which Stereogum praised for its, “Soft, delicate sound like Youth Lagoon or Washed Out”.

He followed up his initial offering awith Primitives, an album with a swirling loop of keyboards, clunking percussion, and heartache soaked vocals. Think a mixture of Caribou, Gold Panda and a sprinkling of Animal Collective.

Playing this February date at London’s The Waiting Room, get ready to fall under his spell of glorious synthetic chillwave.

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